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1. Daylight Simulation: Daylight 6,000°K colour temperature for perfect colour matching, excellent contrast and clarity

2. Colour Matching: See and match colours accurately, at any time of the day or night

3. Clarity: See fine detail in the greatest clarity, allowing you to work for longer in comfort

4. Contrast: High contrast lighting, makes detailed tasks easier and less tiring for the eyes

5. Brighter: Designed to provide the optimal brightness for the task required

6. Spread of light: Designed to provide the correct light intensity over specific work areas, whether large or small

7. Healthy Vision: Optimal brightness, with high contrast and clarity ensures reduced eye strain, less glare and maximum eye comfort

8. Ergonomics: Designed to allow the user to easily position the light, exactly where it is required

9. Low Heat: Safe to touch and perfect for working in close proximity to the lamp for long periods

10. Greener: Highly efficient light ensuring consistent performance for many years with low energy usage

11. Flexible: Flexible arm bends in all directions which gives great versatility

12. ESD Safe: Designed for use in electrostatic protected areas (IEC 61340-5-1 & ANSI/ESD 20:20)

13. Magnification: Multiple lens sizes, diopters and functions for detailed tasks of all kinds and every enlargement need

14. Design & Function: Daylight understand the crucial functional requirements a lamp or magnifier has to achieve and combine 30 years knowhow with the latest technology to create elegant designs that look as good as they function

15. Quality: Daylight is committed to the highest quality standards and has systems in place to ensure continuous monitoring of production

16. British Design: Daylight’s London based in-house design team are passionate about creating products that make a real difference to the way people see

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