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RDCorp HD collection

HD Photo - Design Series (50 microns thin film) for all RDcorp lovers. You do not have to be professional NAIL ARTIST to apply HD Photo - Design collection. It is so simple to use it. so that you can create an amazing salon effect right in your home!

Each sheet that you purchase:

  • is 6 cm x 9 cm
  • of High Resolution Full Color Printing
  • has more than 80 images (each image costs less than 0,68 lipa)
  • is of the most elastic and flexible film, what provides you with extremely easy application
  • is of a very thin film (ONLY 50 microns), what gives you a possibility to inlay as many images as you need with NO bubbles and NO wrinkles
  • can be cut out in many different ways
  • is for both professionals and home users
  • can be used with regular nail polishes, gel polishes and professional nail systems (UV gels and acrylics)

RDCorp exclusive Nail Art

RDcorp offers a variety of professional nail art products:

  • more than 1500 variations of Photo-Design stickers (25 microns thin film, which is 4 times thinner than a human average hair)
  • more than 70 variations of Holographic Photo-Design Stickers (50 microns thin film) in 9 different colors
  • 40 types of Foil with adhesive layer
  • 60 designs of Holographic Stickers (65 microns thin film) in 20 different colors

RDcorp products are available in our web store at, in category Ukrasi.



If you want to become a certified salon for RDCORP Exclusive Nail Art, increase your revenue and attract new customers, contact us by phone for terms and conditions.

If you want to complete free education and get a diploma, and be trained by our trainers for RDCORP nail design, please contact us to arrange your training schedule.

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